Quittenbaum Gallery

Since 2017, the gallery shows exhibitions of contemporary artists and authors jewelry. A focus is with Alexandra Hendrikoff and Leopoldo Cuspinera Madrigal on works with paper.
Daniel Kraus and Angelika Hoegerl, on the other hand, deal with the theme of architecture in detail and utopia in the media of photography and sculpture. 
On the occasion of the Munich Jewelry Week we regularly dedicate ourselves to protagonists of the jewelry scene such as Hermann Jünger, Manfred Bischoff or Helga Zahn. 

Events - Quittenbaum Gallery


Underground (U-Bahn)

U2 | U8: Stop Theresienstraße


No 68 | 100 (Museumslinie/museum line): Stop Pinakotheken


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Quittenbaum Gallery

Theresienstraße 58
80333 München


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